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Monday, July 30, 2012


Nothing signifies national pride more than a flag.  Showing the colors is a dead on sign of courage in the face of any challenge to sovereignty, be it military or sport.  How the heart throbs at the sight of a flapping piece of cloth flying above a parade in the hot air from a cheering crowd.  How patriotic for a politician or a corporate executive to wear a cute little miniature flag in the lapel of a luxurious suit.  How reassuring to spot a flag sticking out of a neighbor's front porch on Independence Day, Hegemony Day or most any other day.  How endearing to see a vehicle painted hood to trunk in the glorious hues of the state standard.  How wonderful to see flag hats, flag shirts, flag tablecloths, flag napkins, flag beverage containers, flag balls, flag kites…  The list appears to be endless but it's not.  We could make and of course sell flag condoms, flag diapers, and flag toilet paper.  Still, this may be going too far, since we are supposed to keep our beloved national pennant free of debris, detritus, and dung, even though major money moguls wipe their much kissed asses with it every time they shit on their fellow citizens.

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