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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Healthcare, as conventionally practiced, is a crime against Nature. Medical practitioners sometimes cure disease or repair injury to save human life but usually treat symptoms to prolong living. Preventive care, the most beneficial activity of medical science, is seldom practiced. For healthcare to be truly beneficent, medical professionals must teach a healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise, safety, and meditation. If a person suffers fatal injury or illness, so be it. As an old and ill man, I declare that if one cannot recover on one’s own, that person, or any living thing, should die. Death is Nature’s clearing house. Such a wise way of healthcare would eliminate time and money wasted on chronically and terminally ill and injured and also aging people to ensure a lower population of vital human beings on the planet.


Humans want three things of other people: to get something, to be given something, and to be left alone.

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