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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Unsurprisingly many people welcome global warming with open arms.  Long weary of the chilly season of winter and even the less chilly seasons of spring and fall, they eagerly look forward to years of endless summer with all the heat and ultraviolet rays their skins can absorb.  "Can't get hot enough for me!" is their mantra.  Affectionately referring to the climatic condition as Good Ol' GW, reminiscent of two of their favorite presidents, these fans of soaring temperatures do not fear the effects of melting glaciers and rising seas.  Characteristically rosy in their outlook, they look forward to closer beaches and more room for water sports--until of course it all evaporates.  Coincidentally dermatologists and manufacturers of skin tanning aids are thrilled by the enthusiasm rolling across the land like a sirocco.

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